The Sammlung Kunst der Westküste (Kunst der Westküste Collection) currently comprises some 680 paintings and works on paper. Executed between 1830 and 1930, these pictures document in a variety of manners what life is like along the continental North Sea coast. They tell of the timeless grandeur of the sea, the longing for far-off horizons and man’s fear in the face of the intractable elements. Important Scandinavian and German artists of the 19th and 20th centuries are represented, including Anna Ancher, Michael Ancher, Max Beckmann, Johan Christian Dahl, Peder Severin Krøyer, Christian Krohg, Max Liebermann, Emil Nolde and Edvard Munch. These are joined by high-calibre Dutch painters such as the Romantic artist Andreas Schelfhout as well as prominent exponents of The Hague School, among them Jozef Israels and Hendrik Willem Mesdag. Also in the collection are works by Johan Barthold Jongkind and Eugène Boudin, who are regarded as precursors of impressionism and were of central importance to the development of European landscape painting in the 19th century. Finally, a main focus of the collection is North Frisian painting, comprehensively represented by the works of Otto Heinrich Engel and Hans Peter Feddersen. Nowadays the collection includes also some works of contemporanean artists as Frank Bölter, Anja Jensen, Martin Parr, Denis Rouvre, Volker Tiemann.