28 February - 11 September 2016

Max Liebermann and Contemporaries - New Works in the Collection

The sea, the beach, the seashore - could there be more beautiful subjects for painting? The Museum Kunst der Westküste presents an extensive selection of new acquisitions and donations from the past three years. The masterpieces of Max Liebermann (1847-1935) are joined by "new" paintings, oil sketches, drawings and prints the German Impressionist conceived and created during his annual summer sojourns at the Dutch seashore. Fellow artists are included as well, such as the painters of the famous Skagen artist colony who through their study of French Impresionism came to develop a distinct visual language of their own. The exhibition assembles more than 85 works, including 44 new acquisitions. A total of 36 works by May Liebermann will be on view.

Artists: Anna Ancher, Michael Ancher, Max Beckmann, Hans Peter Feddersen, Käthe Kollwitz, Otto Müller, Emil Nolde and others.


28 February - 19 June 2016

Lipadusa - Calogero Cammalleri

Geographically closer to Africa yet politically a part of Italy, Lampedusa is a bottleneck for refugees on the way to Europe and a crystallization point of their hopes for a better life. The Mediterranean island has come to be synonymous with migration and tragedies at sea. This is the image that dominates in the media. But how does actual life take place? In his black-and-white photo series "Lipadusa" the young Italian photographer Calogero Cammalleri (b. 1993), who grew up in Germany, traces the original character of the island, turning his focus to a Lampedusa that is sometimes mundane and rough, somteimes lively and cheerful and sometimes dreamy and other-worldly.

From November 2013 on a grant from Fabrica, the communication research centre of the Benetton Group, allowed Cammalleri to live on the island for nine months. He wanted to get closer to his background and identity, in order to go on wanderings with the habitants and capture poetic moments which can tell a lot about the life of the islanders. The sometimes deliberately blurry photographs seem to idealise reality, yet in fact they very much point to the fragility of social coexistence. Published by Fabrica in 2014 with support from the United Nations High Committee for Refugees (UNHCR), the book "Lipadusa" presented the photographic results.

The Museum Kunst der Westküste shows the pohtographs of Calogero Cammalleri for the first time in Germany.


28 February - 19 June 2016

Empty Rooms - The Beauty of Emptiness

What emotions, memories and experiences can an empty, quiet space arouse when being viewed? A living space or a room can be a place that bears witness to how people have lived in it. It appears as an abondoned space that in a poetic or enchanted way - or, indeed, unconsciously - captivates viewers and makes them think of things they themselves experienced. An abandoned theatre awaiting renovation can also induce a melancholy mood. IN the exhibition eleven international contemporary artists present their individual exploration of this multi-layered phenomenon.

Artists: Nicole Ahland (DE), Lauri Astala (FIN), Astrid Kruse Jensen (DK), André Lützen (DE), Alastair Mackie (UK), Charles Matton (FR), Julia Rothmund (DE), Trine Søndergaard (DK), Martijn Veldhoen (NL), Bill Viola (USA), Thomas Wrede (D).


28 February 2016 - 8 January 2017

Thomas Judisch - Interventions in the Museum Space

The works of Thomas Judisch (b. 1981), who stayed in Alkersum in 2014 as artist-in-resicence, can invariably and in good conscience be taken tongue-in-cheek, as he cultivates a playful, subversive approach to his media. Nothing is what it seems. The works engage in trompe-l'oeil, or deception of the eye, as it were, as they present everyday items to veiwers that appear highly realistic. The apparently licked "Lollipop" a child seems to have deposited seemingly uinnotice at an unusual place is, in fact, a worked piece of amber millions of years old that was found on the island of Föhr. And the no less deceptively realistiv hors turds" currently to be discovererd at the Museum Kunst der Westküste are bronze casts to the pieces of horse dung frequently found on the footpaths ot the island of Föhr and especially in Alkersum, a toqn well known to horse lovers. They are an ironic commentary on the tradition ot the heroic equestrian statue.

Get in volved in the play with perception!


Clothes make a friend - Fashion Art Space Show at Ehlers Wyk auf Föhr

15 May - 29 May 2016

Museum Kunst der Westküste and Thomas Judisch will be guests at the Ehlers fashion house in Wyk auf Föhr. In this first-time cooperation with the extablished fashion house, Judisch will present an important focus of his work. In the two-week exhibition you will encounter "special" coats, shirts, scarves, baseball caps, flip-flops and bras as well as other items from the "wardrobe" in the business premises and the shop window.


26 June 2016 - 08 January 2017

Mila Teshaieva - The Island

The Berlin-based Ukrainian photographer Mila Teshaieva (b. 1974) who has stayed in Alkersum as artist-in-residence on multiple occasions has developed the photo series "The Island" which offers a profound insight into island life on Föhr. Mila Teshaieva was able to establish close contact to the people of Föhr and she portrays them in their particular working and leisure time environments, in a special atmosphere vacillating between everyday reality, fantasy and mysticism. The fascinating light-painting photographs were taken during the dark of night, with the soft light of a lantern generating the inimitable visual aesthetic. A catalogue accompanies the exhibition.


26 June 2016 - 08 January 2017

Jochen Hein - Above the Depth

The paintings of the Husum-born and Hamburg-based painter Jochen Hein (b. 1960) make the verdict postulated decades ago that painting has become obsolete with the ascendency of the visual media look ridiculous. Three large groups of works offer proof to the contrary - be it Hein's masterfully painted, life-size portraits of conteporaries, who seem to appear out of a black nowhere, his realistic views of the sea or his landscape paintings and grass pieces. The subjects are situated in the present and yet they rise above the depth of space and time. A catalogue accompanies the exhibition.


18 September 2016 - 08 January 2017

Beyond Time - Jochen Hein and the Collection of Art of the West Coast

The Hamburg-based painter Jochen Hein (b. 1960), who was in Alkersum in 2015 as artist-in-residence, has studied the Collection of Art of the West Coast intensely and faces up to the neve-ending dialogue of painting through the centureis - beyond time. Jochen Heins paintings communicate with the works of the "old" masters in the Collection Art of theWest Coast - for instance, with the paintings of Hans Peter Feddersen, Peder Severin Krøyer and Piet Mondrian. The catalogue accompanyiing the concurrent monographic exhibition "Jochen Hein - Above the Depth" is available at the museum shop and in book shops.

























































28 February - 11 September 2016
New Works in the Collection

28 February - 19 June 2016
Calogero Cammalleri

28 February - 19 June 2016
The Beauty of Emptiness

28 February 2016 - 08 January 2017
Interventions in the Museum Space

15 May - 29 May 2016
Clothes make Friends
Thomas Judisch - Fashion Art Space Show atEhlers Wyk auf Föhr

26 June 2016 - 08 January 2017
The Island

26 June 2016 - 08 January 2017
Above the Depth

18 September 2016 - 08 January 2017
Beyond Time
Jochen Hein and the Collection of Art of the West Coast

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