Made on Föhr Photography from the Artist-in-Residence-Programme

28. February 2021 to 05. December 2021

Since 2010, the Museum Kunst der Westküste has been inviting international artists whose work to date has a connection to the particular character of the museum to Alkersum.


Entitled Made on Föhr, the exhibition initiates a new series of exhibitions accompanying the artist-in-residence programme. The group show presents a selection of photographic works, most of which are displayed publicly for the first time. Its thematic focus is on artistic practices centring on the subject of landscape on Föhr. 


Nicole Ahland (b. 1970), Elina Brotherus (b. 1972) and Thomas Wrede (b. 1963) demonstrate complete independence and a typical consistency with their practices to date in each of their particular approaches to and perceptions and conceptions of the North Sea island. It also becomes clear that the spatial removal from normal life as well as the scenic features of the island, the openness of the islanders and the creative freedom inherent to the programme inspire the artists to explore new directions in their work.



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