SEA PIECES Facts and Fiction

01. March 2020 to 10. January 2021

Of all landscapes, the sea seems to have seen the least change, and yet the human view of it changes all the time. Curated by the Berlin-based art historian Harald F. Theiss, the exhibition presents 23 international contributions that deal with developments in the perception and interpretation of the sea.


The works often invoke familiar imagery, such as the seascape with storm-whipped waves or the longing view out to the sea. References like these at the same time can open up a new approach: the topicality of the works reveals itself in moments of confusion, outlandishness and, indeed, uncanniness inherent to the exhibited paintings, sculptures, photographic works, videos and installations. Personal experiences and impressions are often associated with political meanings. By now, people have developed a complex view as to what is happening on and under the water surface, naturally or due to human intervention and modern lifestyles – and the consequences this has for the environment. As a result, the (socio-)political significance of the sea as a bridge and frontier has moved into the public spotlight. SEA PIECES is an attempt to approach those different scenarios between facts and fiction through artistic reflections. 




Angelika Arendt, Jessica Backhaus, Yto Barrada, Julius von Bismarck, Laurence Bonvin, Astrid Busch, Yvon Chabrowski, Lia Darjes, Sven Drühl, Simon Faithfull, Christine de la Garenne, Eva Grubinger, Moritz Hirsch, Inka & Niclas, Tobias Kappel, Jochen Lempert, Christian Niccoli, Charles Pétillon, Sheila Rock, Miguel Rothschild, Nasan Tur, Sascha Weidner, Rebecca Wilton





Julius von Bismarck
Punishment #7, 2011
Fine art inkjet print, 100 x 150 cm
Courtesy Julius von Bismarck & alexander levy, Berlin
© VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019