Flenerk Jongen Completed donation project

The project is finalised! We have reached 100% - a big thank you to everyone who supported us!


In 2018, Museum Kunst der Westküste plans to invite all 100 children from the Flenerk Jongen island kindergarten on the island of Amrum to the exhibition "Emil Nolde and the Sea" and, conversely, to organise a children's exhibition "Emil Nolde and the Sea" on Amrum.


In order to finance the project, the Museum Kunst der Westküste and the island kindergarten are dependent on donations. Please help to make the project a reality.

In a first step, the children will be visited by the head of the art education department and her assistant in the kindergarten and introduced to the subject matter. Here, community artworks are created in the 5 kindergarten groups. Then, under the direction of the project leader - in this case the assistant of the art education department - and the kindergarten group leaders, the realisation of the exhibition on Amrum is discussed and worked out with the children. The oldest children can become museum guides and then guide themselves when they visit Föhr with their parents - supported by one of our adult museum guides.


Objective 1: 100 children from the Flenerk Jongen kindergarten on the isolated island of Amrum (2-hour ferry ride to the mainland, with a stopover after one hour on Föhr) are given the free opportunity to visit and creatively engage with the exhibition "Emil Nolde and the Sea". As the most important extracurricular learning venue, the Museum Kunst der Westküste helps to introduce children to the visual arts and familiarise them with the originals by Emil Nolde, the world's most famous Expressionist painter.


Objective 2: 100 children are introduced to the world of colour, canvas and watercolour painting free of charge.


Objective 3: 100 children present a publicly accessible exhibition of their artworks to their families on their home island of Amrum. The organisation, including the hanging of the works and the vernissage, will be free of charge.

Objective 4: 100 children with their families will be given the exclusive opportunity to visit the museum and the Nolde exhibition on Föhr free of charge at the end of the project. We would like to show a representative selection of the kindergarten children's artworks in the context of Emil Nolde's works. If possible, a group of the oldest kindergarten children will be trained as "little museum guides" who will lead them through the Nolde exhibition. The organisation and realisation of the event with the hanging of the children's works, opening and guided tour, ideally by the "little museum guides", should be free of charge.

The total costs for the project are calculated at 8447 euros.