The history of Grethjens Gasthof

The name “Grethjens Gasthof” goes back to its former proprietress, Margaretha Dorothea Hansen (1824–1910), a native of Husum.



She established the Alkersum village inn, which consisted of a modest restaurant, guest accommodations and small shop, as a popular meeting place for locals and visitors.



Numerous village celebrations (such as the annual school and children’s festival), jubilees and fire-brigade balls were held in its function room.


Thanks to “Grethjen’s” positive attitude towards those who dared to make art, the inn also provided a meeting place and accommodations for various artists who were active on Föhr. One of the best-known guests was the Berlin Secessionist painter Otto H. Engel (1866–1949).


The name “Grethjens Gasthof” has been preserved in memory of Grethjen’s accomplishments and the Alkersum village inn’s historical significance. Entirely in the spirit of its former role, Grethjens Gasthof has served as the museum restaurant of the Museum Kunst der Westküste since 2009.