MKdW showcasing at the stattBAR

Good wine, cool drinks, and beats by Freudentanz created a wonderful atmosphere when we got together at the stattBAR in Wyk on the eve of the opening of the exhibition “Reload! Traditional Costumes – Art – Fashion”. Why not celebrate the fact that the very complex and at the same time, to us, “exciting” show will open the next day, 16 September?


Exciting because, in it, young fashion design meets old painting. Exciting because numerous international artists are presenting their contributions to the theme of “traditional costumes”. And exciting because traditional costumes play a vital and important role here on the island of Föhr – for young and old alike.


Corinna and Peter-Boy Weber fulfilled what was their “Italian” dream in Wyk on Föhr this year by opening the stattBAR where they want to be able to offer a “cappuccio” to their customers next door and right around the corner (at their Ehlers, Closed, and Lexington shops), but also to us Föhrer and all visitors to the island. After our Fashion Art Space Show “Clothes Make Friends” featuring works by artist Thomas Judisch last year at Ehlers and its “annexe” at the the stattBAR featuring an edition by Herbert Dombrowski in conjunction with the eponymous exhibition this spring, this is the third time the MKdW is realising a joint project with Corinna and Peter-Boy Weber.


There is a special charm to exhibiting in a very different environment, surrounded by the smell of coffee and the clinking of cups and glasses, right in the middle of the city of Wyk on Föhr. The works of Berlin-based artist Sabine Dehnel that were selected for the stattBAR end up having a quite different feel outside of the museum context, appearing more approachable perhaps and enticing viewers to visit the museum in Alkersum for a more intense exploration of the theme of traditional costumes in art and fashion.


And it became obvious that the “Reloading” of traditional costumes became a talking point among the guests at the stattBAR and that the topic was very appealing. The artist Sabine Dehnel had personally travelled to the island from Berlin, allowing visitors to chat with her and, indeed, reserve or acquire works. The fashion designers Jing Jing Qi, Prof. Martina Glomb, and Nico Dams were also present. Jochen Hein was our special guest, after just having been with for us for a week to do work here for a future exhibition.


In other words, if you didn’t have a chance to take in Sabine Dehnels’ photography, painting, and stage design-inflected work during the preview night, you should head off to the stattBAR by 7 January 2018 – except for three weeks in November when, due to the low season, the stattBAR takes a break.


And after the small foretaste of the “Reload!” exhibition accompanied by a fair espresso, we look forward to welcoming you at the MKdW in Alkersum.