Frank Bölter

08. October 2020 to 15. October 2020
24. October 2011 to 29. October 2011

Frank Bölter stayed as artist-in-residence on Föhr in 2011. In 2015 he showed his paper ship PS Rostock in the exhibition Papermania!. Produced in a large-scale folding performance called “Auf große Fahrt” (On a Long Journey) by Frank Bölter and Verein Trockendock e.V. for the exhibition Menschen, Tiere und Kanonen (Humans, Animals, and Cannons) at the Kunsthalle Rostock, the ship was launched at the Schwanenteichpark, a swan pond in Rostock.


In 2004 the artist switched purely for “reasons of parsimony and poverty” (Bölter) from painting to the cheaper and ubiquitous material of paper. Frank Bölter became known especially for his participatory performances in the form of large-scale folding actions where huge three-dimensional paper ships are created and subsequently launched. As a result of particular foldings, his paper objects take on a different significance.