Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg

05. July 2023 to 27. July 2023
23. September 2022 to 30. September 2022

Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg (b. 1987 in Bonn) lives and works in Berlin. In her work, she combines aspects of painting and sculpture to create a linkage between objects and spaces. The stereotypical design of furnishings is something the artist rejects.


This is how Berlin-based curator Camila McHugh describes Dunkelberg’s art:


“Dunkelberg imitates recognizable forms – often domestic furnishings vaguely identifiable as bourgeois – and by brilliantly playing with materials she simultaneously reduces these forms to an elegant superficiality, initiating a subtle process of transformation.


In a series of stoves, for example, she reconstructs the indispensable accessories of every carefully restored early twentieth-century apartment and covers them with a synthetic fiber evoking fuzzy associations.…” 



Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg: Sun City. Courtesy the artist and Efremidis. Photos: Marjorie Brunet Plaza


In the fall of 2022, Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg spent a week in our residence to gain new impressions. In the summer of 2023, she returned for an extended residency.