Kris Scholz

04. June 2023 to 30. June 2023

Kris Scholz (* 1952 in Hanover) is a photographer and, after several courses of study and degrees, completed his studies at the Düsseldorf Art Academy under Bernd Becher in 1990. From 2005 to 2021 he was a professor for artistic photography at the Hochschule Darmstadt.


Kris Scholz, Heuballen 1, Nieblum Föhr 2023


In the following years, numerous solo exhibitions were held worldwide, for example in Greece, Spain, France or Germany, as well as group exhibitions, especially in China. Kris Scholz and his wife Corina Gertz called the People's Republic their second home for over 20 years. His art, which mainly includes landscape photography but also portraits and still lifes, is mainly created during his many travels. Often in large format and in black and white, Kris Scholz captures a motif. Through certain processes, he manages to make the end result of his photographic work deviate from the actual reality and question the viewer's perspective on their surroundings.


Kris Scholz, Düne 3, Borgsum Föhr 2023

Kris Scholz visited the Museum Kunst der Westküste in June 2023 as artist in residence, together with Corina Gertz, and used the time on the island to record landscape motifs using a special paper negative process. In this process, the motif is printed on paper placed in film cassettes and developed in the darkroom. Kris Scholz built a darkroom especially for this purpose in the bathroom of the artist's flat. In this process, only the blue light is absorbed, which creates a uniquely structured image when the negative is transformed.


Kris Scholz, See 2, Föhr 2023