Art education concept


Each year, the MKdW offers more than 450 opportunities for visitors to inform themselves about the exhibitions and the architecture. The offerings include guided tours, guided group tours, workshops for children, youths, adults, and families, artist’s talks, previews, Easter Art Brunch, New Year’s reception, film screenings, concerts, and lectures.


Three times a year – for International Museum Day (May), the museum’s anniversary celebration (July), and Museum Night on the Friday before the first of Advent – and in addition to exhibition openings, admission is free with a special, all-day, free-of-charge programme.


Our educational offerings are aimed at all age groups. Our goal is to facilitate creative work for all without any restraints. We consider ourselves a cosmopolitan, service-oriented, and family-friendly museum. As a place of extracurricular encounter, the exhibitions and the workshop offer opportunities for aesthetic learning and activity to be tried out and implemented in playful, experimental ways. The experiences, needs, and interests of children, youths, and adults are central to the education process.


Prior to the artistic, practical involvement in the workshop, participants are taken on a tour of and introduced to the particular exhibition that is our focus. The large workshop is accessible from the last exhibition space and is barrier-free. If the weather is good, selected workshops include the option of working in the garden located just outside of the workshop, which is shielded from the street.


We aim to facilitate an open-minded and independent approach to the museum as an institution by means of specially developed work materials. Issues of colour theory, pictorial composition, and materials science are playfully incorporated into our workshops. Programmes are aimed at all age groups, from the very young (aged 4 and up) to the very old. Workshop contents are inspired by the varying exhibition themes.


Group sizes for public workshops are usually limited to 10–12 persons in order to ensure optimal educational and focused work in a relaxed atmosphere. For the opening or closing of an exhibition we usually offer accompanying events and workshops, which include exhibition openings just for children at the same time with the public openings and the open workshop for special occasions.





We work closely together with the kindergartens and schools, health and recreation centres on the islands of Föhr and Amrum and in the region, developing programmes individually tailored to the needs of kindergarteners and students. Before the opening of new exhibitions we invite heads, educators, and teachers to an exclusive tour of the particular exhibition and to a presentation of the newly conceived workshops. Based on this we develop customised, curriculum-aligned offerings for school classes and kindergartens.


Every year we initiate special (multi-disciplinary) joint projects with the providers and heads of the institutions. In 2018, for instance, we work together for several months with the grammar school on Föhr, the Eilun Feer Skuul: in two tenth-grade classes students in German and art class under the supervision of the teachers Joachim Freytag, Volker Sonnenberg, and Lars Reise created artistic as well as literary works inspired by the exhibition Shift and Striptease. Herbert Dombrowski’s Hamburg. These works were presented at the museum for a week and assembled in an exhibition catalogue.


We also develop needs-based offerings for the patients of the clinics on the islands of Föhr, Amrum, and Sylt. For example, as part of a close cooperation with the Klinik Utersum initiated in 2016, convalescents are invited to participate each Friday starting at 2 pm in a workshop at the museum.





Together with our respective young associate in her “voluntary social year, culture” we also realise a special pedagogic project each year. Learn more!