Founded in 2009, the Museum Kunst der Westküste is a non-profit institution serving society and has managed to earn an important role in the German and international art scene. History, the exclusivity of the location on the beautiful North Sea island of Föhr, the first-rate art collection with its focus on “sea and seaside”, outstanding temporary exhibitions in award-winning architecture – the Association of German Architects, for one, awarded the museum its first prize in 2011 – as well as the friendliness of the staff members are representative of the unique and distinctive character of the Museum Kunst der Westküste.


Based on its varied educational efforts tailored to specific target groups the Museum Kunst der Westküste has an excellent reputation for modern art education and is appreciated as a major educational venue.


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The Museum Kunst der Westküste provides an excellent example for the fact that cultural institutions can only survive and develop when people believe in them and support them. Strong private commitment will help the Museum Kunst der Westküste present extraordinary exhibitions, offer convincing educational and informational programmes, meet our research mission, and create art education and artist-in-residence programmes that make a lasting impact on people.


We will gladly inform you about the many different cooperation models that may be of interest to your company – be it as a main sponsor, as a seasonal or project sponsor, as a partner of our art education or artist-in-residence programmes, or as an “ambassador” of one of the four littoral countries of the North Sea. Anyone can take on social responsibility through cultural sponsoring. You can expect individually tailored rewards in return for your sponsorship and transregional promotional presence.


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Prof. Frederik Paulsen endowed the Museum Kunst der Westküste in 2009, thereby laying the foundation for a cultural beacon that shines far beyond Schleswig-Holstein and Germany. May many sponsors follow his example.


With an endowment contribution you help ensure the continuous expansion of our museum’s nationally recognised work and lead it into the future.
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As a result of private donations and permanent loans from private collections, the first-rate collection continuously grows, expanding year after year.


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