You’d like to support the Museum Kunst der Westküste (MKdW), but still don’t really know exactly how? In addition to supporting the museum’s work in general, you can also dedicate your assistance to a selection of specific projects each year.

What about contributing to one of what are currently our three most important projects?





CLASSIC! Work from Hendrik Willem Mesdag


The CLASSIC! category of contributions focuses on the MKdW’s desire for support in the field of paintings created from the Romantic to the Classical Modernist period along the West Coast – from the Netherlands and Germany to Denmark Norway. CLASSIC! invites you to become a part of realising projects for our collection through your support.

In 2019, for example, it was possible to finance the jubilee catalogue for the exhibition 10 Years MKdW – Masterpieces exclusively through our Friends, Sponsors & Patrons. That same year, they also enabled us to purchase and add to our collection a loaned work shown at the exhibition: Frederik Hendrik Kaemmerer’s enchanting oil study Elegant Ladies at Scheveningen Beach, which he sketched in 1871.



DYNAMIC! Exhibition Per Bak Jensen


The DYNAMIC! category of contributions focuses on the MKdW’s desire to introduce “movement” – and thus the novel or experimental – for the future. 




YOUNG! Artist-in-Residence Programme 2023


The YOUNG! category of contributions focuses on the wish to provide assistance to our artist-in-residence programme. Each year, we make it possible to fund the costs of the invited artists’ travel, their materials and their stay. When this extends beyond a residency on Föhr and we carry out an exhibition with the artist in residence and produce a catalogue, this requires additional financial assistance.





You can also support us here directly underneath the projects or by bank transfer.

Our account information:

Museum Kunst der Westküste, Det Paulsen Legaat

IBAN: DE20 2175 0000 0106 1688 83



Reference: name of the project


Please also tell us if you would like to be mentioned by name in the context of the projects.

Naturally, we will send you an official receipt for your donation by post if you request one and provide us with your name and address.



Would you like to learn more about possibilities for making donations, exchange ideas in a personal conversation or make a donation for a specific purpose? Please contact us!



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