Sjoerd Knibbeler In Elements

19. September 2020 to 10. January 2021

How do you render wind visible? How do you depict air? How do you capture something photographically that eludes direct visual perception?


The recipient of the “Grand Prix du Jury Photographie” in Hyères, France and named a “Foam Talent” by the respected Foam Magazine, the Amsterdam-based multi-media artist Sjoerd Knibbeler (b. 1981) explores ways to visualise natural phenomena like wind or light. An interest in discovering the world through inventions and technology is at the root of his work. Each of Knibbeler’s works is preceded by detailed research and precise observations, discussions with scientists, experiments and the
construction of models. He stages fleeting moments like a gust of wind, a beam of sunlight or a wave of water and captures them in photographs. Underlying his artistic process of construction, staging and recording is a curiosity to observe the mechanics of those phenomena and see what elements they are made up of.


The exhibition notably features Surfacing Clouds as well as works from the Current Studies series and Exploded Views, a series he started working on after his 2017 residency at the Museum Kunst der Westküste on Föhr.