Bernd Hägermann

19. February 2022 to 27. February 2022

The Bremen-based photographer Bernd Hägermann (* 1954) came to Föhr in February 2022 to let himself drift across the island with his camera in wind and weather, photographically capturing chance encounters with people. In addition, it was his intention to document the island coast as an incomparable habitat.



As a native of Cuxhaven, he regularly takes photographs of the North Sea coast on very different subjects. In his photographs, which were taken as part of the artist-in-residence programme, Hägermann has been on the trail of the charm of the moment. People willingly allowed him to take their pictures.



It was not only portraits that were taken during the days of the residency, however, but also photographs of landscapes, animals and structures, in which Hägermann took advantage of light conditions that make winter on the island so unique. "As hoped, the weather was mostly rough and never boring, the light wonderful!" says Bernd Hägermann.