Christian Tony Norum

08. April 2022 to 22. April 2022

The Norwegian artist Christian Tony Norum (* 1980) came to Föhr in April 2022 together with his wife, the artist Andrea Bakketun (* 1983) and their daughter Myrna Bakketun Norum.


During his time on the island, Christian Norum created various oil and watercolour paintings. One shows the coast of Föhr.



Christian Norum often enters into dialogue - indirectly or directly - with the practices of other artists to reflect and explore his own art. For 15 years he has been studying the works of the Norwegian painter and graphic artist Edvard Munch, who is also represented in the MKdW collection.



Christian Norum is particularly fascinated by the history of today's museum restaurant and café Grethjens Gasthof: At the age of 24, Margaretha Dorothea Hansen from Husum married a captain, merchant and innkeeper in Alkersum. At the time of the resolute Grethjen and in the following years in the middle/end of the 19th century, the inn functioned as a meeting place for locals, visitors and artists, such as the Berlin Secession painter Otto H. Engel (1866-1949). In an abstract oil painting, Norum depicts the inn, combined with bathing scenes, Edvard Munch and his dog Puck.



On Föhr, Christian Norum met another artist who inspired him: the writer Stine Andresen, whose poems written around 1900 often revolved around her home island. He translated some of them into Norwegian.


Christian Norum is grateful for the opportunity to work undisturbed: "I'm so glad to be here, enjoying the peace and great working conditions of the spring sea and land."