Miguel Rothschild

01. April 2023 to 12. April 2023

Miguel Rothschild (* 1963 in Buenos Aires, lives in Berlin) was already represented with a work in the exhibition SEA PIECES. Facts and Fiction, curated by Harald F. Theiss, at the Museum Kunst der Westküste. At that time he exhibited The Flood, a piece of the sea in the form of a floating printed textile surface. During a short stay around the exhibition opening in 2020, he created several landscape photographs.


Miguel Rothschild, ​Reflexionen, 2020
C-print framed with two different types of glass, 42,2 x 62,6 cm


Now the artist returned to Föhr as artist in residence. Miguel Rothschild used the time in April 2023 to explore the world of islands and Halligs. With his camera and tripod, he was on the move on Föhr, Amrum and Hallig Hooge. The fact that the sun was shining almost continuously almost disturbed the artist a little. „Two or three days of storm would be nice,“ noted Miguel Rothschild, who is interested in the Romantic era and the depiction of nature (forces).


Miguel Rothschild, ​Sturm und Drang II, 2021
C-print on aludibond, fishing line, 77 x 115 cm