Trond Ansten

28. April 2022 to 15. May 2022

The Norwegian artist Trond Ansten (* 1984) came to Föhr in spring 2022 for a very special research object: Vogelkojen - bird bunks. The facilities for catching wild ducks were an important source of income for the island in the 19th century, when there was still a wild duck cannery on Föhr.



"I am a hunter, fisherman, collector... This way of life is very important to me," Trond Ansten tells us. That is why he also deals with it in his art. In his photographs and a video installation, he wants to capture the "trap architecture", the feeling of the unique infrastructure of the bird bunks. In an interview with Museum Kunst der Westküste, he explains how they work: the collaboration between hunters, decoy ducks and dogs of the Kooikerhondje breed.



Trond Ansten is fascinated by the wooded bunks, which form a contrast to the vast heath landscape on Föhr. He is also enthusiastic about the helpfulness and openness of the islanders to support him in realising his ideas. Trond Ansten is particularly grateful to the "Oldsumer Kojenmann", Magnus Pedersen, with whom he has worked closely.