New Treasures at the MKdW From Max Liebermann to Jochen Hein

28. February 2021 to 12. September 2021

In recent years, the Museum Kunst der Westküste has been able to add major new works to its collection. Its focus on painting and prints created under the general subject of “sea and seaside” in the period from 1830 until 1930 in the four countries of Norway, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands has allowed it to build a unique and, at the same time, very homogeneous collection. From the outset, another focus has been on contemporary art beholden to the same range of subjects.
Accordingly, the collection of the museum also includes photographic works, object art, paintings, prints and video art. 


In the five-year period from 2015 until 2019, more than two hundred works could be added to the collection, including paintings, oil sketches, drawings and prints by Max Liebermann as well as works by protagonists of the Skagen artists’ colony like Michael Ancher and Christian Krohg.


The two major North Frisian artists Hans Peter Feddersen and Carl Ludwig Jessen are also given high priority, as they are painters from elsewhere who came to Föhr and discovered a new world of subjects for themselves, like Ludwig Dettmann and Otto H. Engel. In the field of contemporary art, strikingly large-scale works such as the monumental painting Nordseetriptychon (North Sea Triptych) by Jochen Hein found their way into the collection.


All selected works offer impressive evidence that the subject of the “sea” is inexhaustible and continues to be topical.